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Timestamp not updating in MAX

Has anyone ran into problems with the timestamp not updating in MAX? It will only update after I start then stop the panel.


This is happening on a Quad-510 only, all the other modules in the bank seem to be working fine.

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Does the correct data show or is it only the timestamps that are not acting correctly?




-Brian J.

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I can't tell if the data is showing correctly.

It's supposed to be counting pulses, but i don't see any counts updating.

Having to start and stop to update the timestamp probably resets the pulse count if there is any.

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Hey sorry for the late reply.  How are you generating the pulses? If you are still having this issue.




-Brian J.

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Hello BrianJ,


No worries about late replies, any help is appreciated.

Pulses are coming from a rotary type index on a gas meter. I thought that it was emitting a voltage when I hooked my multimeter up to it, but that may just be noise in the line or something.


I later found out that it is a resistance type signal generator. Please forgive my lingo I hardly know what I'm talking about lol.


I'm not sure what FP module if any I should be using to measure resistance.



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Thanks for the reply.


Can you attach a screenshot of NI MAX of the issue you are coming across? I am not sure what timestamp you are referring to.




Brian J. 

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It's this one, but I think maybe it just wasn't updating because none of the values were changing.

But I'm going to start a new thread with a better proposed question, hopefully.


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I would verify if that was the case and keep us updated on the situation.




-Brian J.

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