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Timerserver incorrect month, day, year, hour, and min while using fp2000

In the past when I called the timeserver using the FP 2000 module I would get 033004-1322 for a result. This meant month 03 day 30 year 2004 time 13:22

Now I get 071870-0945. month 07 day 18 year 1970? Time 9:45

For a run that should be reading 012108-0645, month 01 day 12 year 2008.

Nothing in my coding has changed.


I am using the timestamp to name files for output data. I know MIS changed the IP for the timerserver I was able to get the new IP, but my result is still not what it should be.


Any ideas on what I should check out?

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Hi Gregory K,


First off, what VI are you using on your FieldPoint to read back the time from a time server?


Have you upgraded your FieldPoint driver, installed a new version of LabVIEW, or changed your software in any way?


You mentioned that you're using a different time server (or at least the same one with a different IP address).  Does this new computer have a different version of the FieldPoint driver?  Does this new computer have the correct time on it?


Could you post an example of your code that you use in gettng this value?


Kevin S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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I am running Labview 8.6, programs were written in an earlier version of labview may be 6.?.


Unless the fieldpoint driver for the timeserver is a windows file I am willing to bet it was never installed on the timeserver.


I have an email out to MIS to try and find out what changed between the timeservers, as well as finding out if I can get the PC and fieldpoint all on the same subnet.


I need to check the program for the exact code, but I recall using a fp get time.

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Gregory K,


Any more information on your end as to verions of LabVIEW, versions of FieldPoint drivers, what might have changed on your timeserver computers, if your computers have the right information, seeing if PCs and FieldPoint(s) are on right subnets, and getting a copy of your code?


Kevin S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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