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Time to establish connection to remote panel

I'm working on an application where a cFP2000 is going to read analog values from a cFP1804 via ethernet, and if any value is outside a specified limit it(cFP2000) will activate a relay for alarm. The cFP2000 is working stand alone with active web server on board. I'm using a front panel for viewing/controlling the active vi on it. My problem is that from the time that I enter the address(IP number) until the browser has downloaded the remote panel and gained control over it takes about 60 seconds. This just don't seem reasonable, I guess that I must have made some misstake but I don't know what or where. I have tried with a simple program consisting of only delay with a frontpage/remote panel consisting of only a stiff text and the STOP-button. I use LV8.0 with RT8.0 and FieldPoint 5.0.1, and have updated all software on the cFP2000 to match. Does anybody have an idea of what I can try out to get a quick connection.

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Hi Stinrew,

You may want to take a look at this post which addresses a similar topic.
Ching P.
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