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Thermocouples Reading incorrect values


Hey all, 

I am working on a project that is using LabVIEW and FieldPoint 2015 series to collect thermocouple data using type K thermocouples and FP-TC-120 modules. I didn't write the LabVIEW code or configure the modules and everything was working fine. One day I was trying to fit the modules into a new space and I think I might have reset the ethernet controller module and the thermocouples stopped started reading 1~38C at room temp. I messed with some settings in MAX and FieldPoint Explorer (I don't think I actually changed anything) and I got the thermocouples to read ~40C. This happens on all channels on all FP-TC-120 modules we have and these abrupt changes in readings happen on all channels simultaneously. I have checked the thermocouples with an external reader and they are all functioning properly and the values read through LabVIEW values that change slightly when I heat or cool the thermocouple which leads me to think its a configuration problem. At this point, I have no idea what could have caused this and any help is greatly appreciated





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First thought, in the process of working with those modules, perhaps there was some sort of electrical incident that damaged the electronic circuitry.


Second thought, perhaps the act of resetting things changed a setting such as how the cold junction compensation temperature was set up.

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Right now we have the cold junction set to internal and it's reading values at approx. room temp (34⁰ C). Does that sound right to you?

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34°C seems believable.  That would be about 93°F,  could be room temperature in a warm environment and in a control cabinet.



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