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The sampling rate of FP-AI-110

How can I change the sampling rate of cFP-AI-110 in Labview 8.5?
And the filter settings of cFP-AI-110 (50,60 and 500Hz) is equal to the sampling rate?
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   I've found this on cFP-AI-110 Operating Instructions, pag. 8:

   "The filter setting determines the rate at which the [c]FP-AI-110
   samples the inputs. The [c]FP-AI-110 resamples all of the channels
   at the same rate. If you set all of the channels to the 50 or 60 Hz
   filter, the [c]FP-AI-110 samples each channel every 1.470 s or
   every 1.230 s, respectively. If you set all of the channels to 500 Hz
   filters, the module samples each channel every 0.173 s. When you
   select different filter settings for different channels, use the
   following formula to determine the sampling rate.
   (number of channels with 50 Hz filter) ×184 ms +
   (number of channels with 60 Hz filter) ×154 ms +
   (number of channels with 500 Hz filter) × 21.6 ms =
   Update Rate"

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