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Scaling of shared variables with DSC

I'm working on a system that reads FP I/O and show this on screen. I use shared variables that are bound to the I/O channels to read and log the measurements. Running the applikasjon from the developing environment works fine, and the scaled values (temperatur) are displayed on screen. But, when I compile a executable of my application, the scaling of the shared variable fails. Shared variables with scaling enabled, show either 'NaN' or '2147483647'. If I disable scaling for the same variables, build a new executable and run it, the raw data is displayed correctly (4-20mA).

Checking the status of the shared variable, as described here, return no error and status code 180121602, for those readings that are not out of range. I have added the libraries holding the shared variables to the 'Dynamic VIs and support files' list in the build specifications. Libraries and variables are deployed programmically, and is listed in the Variable Manager after start of the application, so I think they are good.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be the problem here?


Oyvind Hansen
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I'm still struggling with the problem, but I have discovered something else. When I try to edit one of the scaled shared variables, I get the following message before the editor window opens:
"Part of variable configuration is corrupt and thas been set to default values". In the editor, the scaling raw min/max is both set to 0, enginering values is still as they should. The message only occur when opening variables that have scaling enabled.
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we are also struggling with the scaling problem. Our problem is not as exactly as you had faced.

See we are designing an application with redundancy of acquisition of Real Data.

By Redundancy i mean, Initially i am acquiring data from ethernet by simply binding the variable to the AI Channel. I have made two variables in library out of which one variable is binded with the channel and second variable is binded with the first variable. Scaling has been enabled on the second variable. So, i get the meaningful sensor value which is replica of the first variable value that is a raw value whose current status depends upon the sensor range. At this time RS 232 acquisition is in sleep mode.

If ethernet fails, serial read comes into action and aftersome time the meaning value (which is the corresponding to the senser raw value) in the second variable becomes zero.

By above line i mean to say that i am able to acquire data from channel but scaling does not work in serial case so the value becomes zero.


how to get the meaningful value in both cases. can you suggest any solution.


Thanks & Regards,


samriddh sarbalhi


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