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Requesting information on cFP-18x using Ethernet UDP


  Would like to migreate communications to cFP-18x module from serial RS-232 to Ethernet UDP/IP.

  Can anyone supply options and alternatives for this goal?

  Best path forward would be using the same ASCII string from serial RS-232 using Ethernet UDP/IP.



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Hi Doug,


Could you explain with more detail what you want to do....



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Request is to change from serial interface to Ethernet UDP/IP for command/control and status using the same ASCII string messaging as with serial interface as goal.

If that is not available, then what type of messaging for command / conttol and statusing are avaiable using Ethernet UDP/IP messaging.

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Hi DunnDo@nges


Basically what devices are you communicating with? I am seen that you have a cFP-180X, but in the other side what kind of device do you have?


I would say that if your device can handle this kind of communication you would be able to send commands to it, but first I would like to know what kind of devices do you have. 


Meanwhile you can do a small test, create an UDP/IP communication and write *IDN?\n to see if we have an answer from your device.


Please let me know what devices do you have and how this test goes,



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The types of devices we comminicated with via cFP-180x are:   cFP-DI-301  and  cFP-DI-300.

Is there a document (ICD) that documentents Ethernet UDP/IP messaging to and from cFP devices listed above?


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more details on request... current messaging using serial RS-232 connection is via "Optomux".

ultamiate goal would to use same ASCII string messages via "Optomux" via UDP.   If that is not doable, what messaging via UDP is avaiable?



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So basically you have a cFP-180X and two Digital Input modules and you are programming this via RS-232? Are you sending those ASCII commands to another device (are you controlling another device with the cFP via RS-232) or are you controlling the cFP with  these commands?


So your question is that if you send for example *IDN?\n via UPD are you going to receive the answer from the device that "speaks" serial? Could you explain with more details  about your project or what do you want to do


Furhemore What LabVIEW version do you have? 



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