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Reading cFP 2100 controller Status in LabVIEW

Hello  Sir,


I want to read the status of "Power" and "Status" LED in my PAC controller to display in my Host PC with the help of LabVIEW. Iam using cFP 2100.


I do want to know the possibility of Reading the Status LED of my field points. Iam using 3 DI modules (cFP-DI-330), DO and AI Modules.


Is there any way to indicate the running status of my program (RT) in my host PC  ?




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-John Theodore
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I don't think you can directly read the condition of the power and status LED's.  You should be able to devise some simple tests the host can perform to determine system status.   If the cFP is connected via ethernet, you could 'ping' it.  You may also want to look into using the 'Watchdog' that is built into the cFP.  This would help your cFP controller to automatically recover from certain faults.

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The controller offers a tag for reading the power source LED. That of course makes only sense to see whether source 1 or 2 is active.

There is no way to read the status LED.



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If it's really important that you monitor them you could mount photosensitive diodes over the LEDs and monitor the current. There are several companies that make sensors that can even determine the color of a multicolor LED. I guess it just depends how badly you need to monitor them.


Good Luck



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