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PT1000 and RTD-124?

I found this in the operation instructions for the RTD-124 module:
The [c]FP-RTD-124 has built-in linearization algorithms for
platinum RTDs of either 100 or 1,000 Ω nominal resistance,

I'd like to configure the RDT-124 module to measure PT-1000, but it seems, that this sentence is wrong. Am I right?
Thank You
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I'm not sure what you think is wrong.  A PT-1000 is a 1000 ohm platinum RTD.

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Hello Centerbolt,
thanks for the reply. Yes, that's why I'm asking. In the specifications of the RTD-124 module you'll find nothing about 1'000 ohm. The direct resistance measurement range is limited by 400 ohm.  In the MAX channel configuration I can chose between 6 different linearisation coefficients for PT-100 but nothing about PT-1000.
I will simply connect one PT-1000 and see what happens compared to a PT-100 measurement.
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OK...the practical test showed the following results:
PT-1000 connection -> open RTD detected (= out of range)
PT-100 connection -> shows linearised temperature correctly

I checked both RTDs with an ohmmeter before I connected them to the RTD124 module.

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I see what you are talking about.  Any mention of a PT-1000 in the RTD-124 documentation must be a mistake.  You may want to inform NI of the mistake.

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Hi Centerbolt,
sorry for my unclear explications above (german native speaker :-). I'm waiting for a call-back from NI to report this. The technical support in my region seems to be quite busy today!
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Your English is pretty good by my book.
I wonder if NI based the documentation for the RTD-124 on the documentation for the RTD-122 and just forgot to delete the reference to the PT-1000 during the edit process?  That's how mistakes like this usually happen. 
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Hi All,


I hope your all well.


Just to let you know, I just had a customer with the same issue.


There has been a CAR 46008 produced on the issue, it certainly does seem like an error in the operating manual.

The Spec Sheet shows RTD-122 module supports both 100 and 1000.


Best of Luck,

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Kind Regards
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