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Obtain Readings from fieldpoint in lab view

I can not get any reading from my field point (AI-110) unit in LabView (6.1). I can read all channels in field point explorer and max and get live readings but get a blank in LabView. Any suggestions please?

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Hi itchbdz,

You need to make sure that you have saved your .iak file in MAX.  You may also want to define the .iak file you want to use in the FP input.  Also, you need to make sure that your Com Resource Name, Device Name, and Item Name match exactly what is in your .iak file.

Another thing you can try is using the example program here, which continuously monitors eight analog voltage or current inputs on the FP-AI-100/110 or 16 current inputs on the FP-AI-111.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Ching P.
DAQ and Academic Hardware R&D
National Instruments
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I'm using LV 8.2, so things may be different with fieldpoint when compared to LV 6.1

I noticed that the FP read uses an FP refnum as opposed to an FP I/O point.  Suppose you wire in a  a FP IO constant and browse to the channel that you want?

But the problem may be that you don't have a reference to the .iak file path going into the FP open function.  Maybe it doesn't know how to interpret the path.  Or that the name on the field point no longer matches the channel name that you are trying to create a tag for because it uses a different .iak file.

When I do fieldpoint reads or writes.  I just wire in a FP IO constant into the read or write function.  I've never needed to open, create tag, or close the FP server.

PS:  I see a reponse came in while I was typing.


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