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OPC Field Point Item->Write intermittent failure

I'm using OPC to control some FieldPoint blocks FP1601 & FP-DO-403. Sometimes during startup of my application (VC++) I get failures on Item->Write. A COM error is caught ( -2147188341). I can't find a associated definition (spOPCServer->GetErrorString throws when I pass this error in)

Item is defined as a OPCAutomation::OPCItemPtr.

Again, this happens intermittently during startup and I often can re-send the command and it succeeds after a few retries. And, once successful, the point seems to work fine...

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Hi Rcsj01-

Are you resetting the controller at startup?  It may be possible that the controller is still booting and is only ready to target after a few failed attempts.  The fact that you're able to eventually receive valid data seems to point to this being the cause of the error you're seeing.  I would just monitor for that error and only continue once a successful write is made.

Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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