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Need a basic info on PACs.

  I am an instrumentation engineering student.
I found that PACs are relatively new thing and very less info is available on the internet.I search for books on net but i didn't find.
  I find good info on ur website.But I didn't get basics of PACs.
I mean basic moduls of PACs,architecture of PACs or block diagram of PACs,diff. types just like PLCs.And why to use PACs.

I am giving a seminar on PACs.

    So,could you plz give me the basics PACs.I will be very thankful to you.                   
                PLZ Reply quickly i don't have much time:smileysad:

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Thank you for contaction National Instruments!  There is quite a lot of information on our website that should give you more information about PACs.  Here is the main webpage for PACs on  Also, here is a link to a 19 minute webcast that gives an introduction to PACs.  If you have any questions when looking through this information please just post them here. 

Bob H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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