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My cFP 2120 is not working

I am having problems with my cFP 2120 controller. Although it was purchased some time ago, this is only the 2nd time it has been used. The only time it was used previously was to test some code for a few hours.
Anyway, the problem is that the error light flashes 5 times when it is switched on. I have checked the troubleshouter in the manual and it says to contact NI.
Jamie Buchan
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Hi Jamie,

Hopefully you received my email late yesterday afternoon, informing you after you sent in the debug log that that the problem was the unit is in an unconfigured state. Please follow the instructions in the email and/or the cFP quick start guide to get your system up and running.

NIUK and Ireland

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Hi All,

I realised the post I made before was not that helpful for other users which is what this forum is all about, So I will post the content of the email I sent to Jamie.

First off I asked Jamie to get the cFP loading details by using the console out switch (serial redirect) and reading that data into hyperterminal.
This told us his system what unconfigured and had an IP address of

This is the process of configuring your Real-Time targets, it is not limited to just the cFP controllers.

This just means when the system was put away someone powered up the cFP with the IP reset switch set to on. Please can you make sure the IP reset switch is in the off position, then power cycle the device and open MAX.

In MAX please go to Remote systems (the cFP must be either connected to the computer through a crossover cable or be on the same production network subnet.) When you open remote systems there should be a entry that is click on this entry and in the right hand window put in an IP address, at this point you will need to restart the cFP.

Then you can go back to MAX >> Remote Systems and you should see the cFP with the new IP address. Click the plus on the RT target and right click the software entry to install the RT software and required drivers.

This is all you need to do to get your system back up running.

NIUK and Ireland

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