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Missing FieldPoint resources on target PC ?

I've created a simple datalogger program under LV 8.01,
compiled to an executable and transfered it to the target
PC (Win-2000), which also have installed LV_RunTimeEngine 8.01,
Max 4 and FieldPoint 5.0. Max have no problem accessing
the FieldPoint modules (cFP 1804 + modules) on the target PC.
On my programming-PC (Win-XP), the executable work Ok.

But when I run the executable on the target PC, it does not
communicate Ok with the FieldPoint system. And when I try
to change/check the FP configuration on the LabVIEW program
through the FieldPoint IO Point controller, a small search
window is visible for a second before it disappear. The FieldPoint
Device selection window does not open at all for me to browse
through the FP resources.

When I manage to stop the strange search window, it says something about looking for
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\FieldPoint\LabVIEW\8.0\
FPLVMgr.rsc\rtd_fp_rtd_Set Cursor (Icon Pict).vi
and "Some subVIs or controls have not been loaded yet.
Do you want to open without them."

I have deleted the iak-file and recreated it on the target PC without any improvements.

It seems to me that the resources installed on the target PC is not complete
or something. The rsc file mentioned is present, so it is not that.

Any idea, anybody ?
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