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Match Regular Expression not returning submatches.

I am having an issue with Match Regular Expression not returning the appropriate number of submatches.  My string is as follows:

DATAM    995000    1.75    0.007    -67.47    24.493    99.072

The spaces are tabs and the length is not fixed so simple string manipulation is out of the question.  The regular expression I was trying is as follows:


It successfully returns Whole Match as the first number but no submatches are returned.  I've tried simpler expressions which work in Matlab and EditPad Pro such as [0-9.-]* but never got the same answer in Labview.

What is going on?
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Here is an image of the VI.  The top portion is the input from our Licor 7000.  The bottom portion is the bit of code I'm having problems with.
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This is my current workaround.
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