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MAX finds one FP 1601 on a sub net but not a second 1601

I have a legacy system using two 1601 controllers operated by a Windows 2000 system


We have been forced to remove the Win 2000 system from the company network for security reasons. Prior to removal the Win 2000 system found and operated both 1601s without problem,....for the past nearly 20 years


So we have connected the two 1601s to a switch which is connected to the Win2000 system. Nothing else is now on this subnet.


When we power up, MAX can only find one of the 1601s and that system appears to work as before. He always finds the same on.However, it won't find the other 1601 system


if i plug the unfound system directly into the Win2000 computer (bypassing the switch altogethor, now only the Win2000 computer and the unfound 1601 are on the subnet) MAX finds the "unfound" 1601 and it appears to work fine.


Any suggestions on why when connected through the switch MAX can only find one system? 



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You may need to change the IP address of the "unfound" 1601 device to be on the same subnet as the host computer. 

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Thanks for the reply


We have already done that. The "found" 1601 is, the computer is and the "unfound" 1601 is These are all the same IPs that these device had prior to removing them from the main corporate network. Subnet masks on all systems is


A little background here. I am not a Labview programmer. I inherited this system from the gentleman that designed and implemented it almost 20 years ago. He is deceased. Unfortunately the documentation left behnd appears to leaves a bit to be desired.  What I know about FP and LV would fit on the head of a pin. I have viewed the LV source for this system and, needless to say, it appears very complex and indecipherable to me.

I have even inherited this account and was really lucky his computer "remembered" the login and password for this account.


Just so you know what you are dealing with here. We were hoping to just remove the system from the corporate network connection and continue to run. But only one of the 1601s pops up in MAX and as a result half of this processing system is inoperative.


So any advice would be most appreciated as this is starting to impact our  production schedule.

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Hi SloppyMagic, 


Just wanted to dig a little further. Did you make sure that both computers have the same drivers and setup for the FP 1609? 


You mentioned that you were losing production on this. Can you go into more detail about that? It sounds like this might be better served as a service request to our Application Engineering department. 1-866-275-6964. (To set expectation, the FP1601 has reached it End of Life and its End of Support Life so our engineers might not have as much intimate knowledge of the nuances of that product). 


That said, I think your best bet would be migrating that software to a cRIO platform which is our replacement for FieldPoint devices. I would recommend giving our sales organization a call at (888) 280-7645.




David Raji 

Applications Engineering 

National Instruments 


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