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MAX does not find cFP- RLY-423, cFP-RLY-421, cFP-AI-112

I am using a cFP-2020.

MAX shows the cFP-330 @1
It does not show the cFP-RLY-423, cFP-RLY-421, or cFP-AI-112 which are also plugged into the backplane.

When I right click on cFP-2020 @0Bank and select create new the Device type pull down does not show a cFP-RLY-423, cFP-RLY-421, or cFP-AI-112.

I installed the software that came with the cFP-2020 that I received today.
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The NI FieldPoint drivers will ship with the information on the currently released modules only. Thus modules released after the software has shipped will not appear in the device listing. However, all modules have an electronic data sheet that is automatically uploaded to the computer by the FieldPoint software when an unfamiliar module is located using the Find Devices command. This allows NI to release new modules without having to release a new version of driver software for each new module.

Have you performed a Find Devices on the system? If not, please do so. At that point, the modules should be found, and from now on, they will appear in the devices listing for that particular computer.

Are the Power and/or Ready LEDs lighting on the cFP-RLY-42x and cFP-AI-112 modules? If the Power LED is not lit on those modules, that would explain why they are not found by the system. Try swapping the order of the modules to see if there is a problem with the module or with the backplane.

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