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MAX cannot find cFP-2120, MAX crashes

I have a new cFP-2120 module, which I have connected and powered up.
Network communication is through a D-link DES-1105 Ethernet switch to my desktop computer.
The leds on the cFP-2120 and the DES-1105 flash indicating that network communication is taking place.
When I open MAX, and try to expand the "Remote Systems " item at the bottom of the list, it lists an old IP address (which I had formerly used with a FP-1601 controller, but is no longer connected), and then MAX crashes with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error - "Program: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\MAX\NIMAX.exe  R6025 - pure virtual function call".
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You should be able to delete your old FieldPoint target without any problem.  Once they are recognized in MAX, they continue to show up as disconnected even when removed from the network.  You have to right-click and delete the target. 
1) What version of FieldPoint do you have installed?
2) Does the cFP-2120 show up under remote systems?
3) Is this problem reproducible? 
4) Please delete the old target from MAX and then check to see if you have the same problem after rebooting your computer and cFP-2120?
Runtime Error (R6025) When Using LabVIEW
Elizabeth S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for your suggestions.

The fix that worked was to download MAX 4.2.1 from the ftp site and install it.

Everything works fine now.

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