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Lookout communication with FieldPoints

I have taken over this location and I have very little to no documentation as to what does what on the Fieldpoint I/O's. I am up against the Software license limit of 100 I/O points. Currently my process is outdated and I have a need to add I/O's for additional functions. I tried to delete unused/un-needed Lookout control panel objects in order to reduce the I/O count but was not successful. Most objects could not be deleted "due to dependencies". In some cases, I was able to delete objects but the I/O count stayed at 100. The manual offered no help.


New plan: start a new process.

I copied the syntax for each of the Lookout control panel objects that I wanted to keep from the old process that I wanted to use in the new process. I did this for each control panel in my new process to get the functionality just the way I needed it.

When done, having eliminated all of the no-longer needed I/O's, I had expected to see the I/O count around 50 which would allow for new required functionality. This all sounded good on paper.


However, my new process will not communicate with any FieldPoint I/O's, (I/O count =0), unless I have the old process and the new process running simultaneously. Then the I/O count is 100 and my new process communicates just fine, but having the old process running defeats the purpose of creating the new process. That is to eliminate un-used I/O points to make room for new I/O functionality and stay under the 100 I/O limit. Although, I am able to save my new process, (which is less than 100 I/O), when it runs simultaneously with the old process, the 100 I/O limit is exceeded and Lookout defaults to Demo Mode, which is limited to 60 minutes of operation.


Obviously somewhere in the old process is some kind of enable instruction for the Field points, that I don't have in the new process, but I do not have a clue as to where to look or what to look for. Again the manual did not offer any help.


The FieldPoint units that we are using are: FP DI 301, 330, FP DO 401, and FP AI 110, along with the FP 1001 serial network modules 


Desperate in Denver.

Need answers fast!


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Peter Flores
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