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Looking for an FP-RLY-420 to buy

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I have a FieldPoint based test system that has a bad channel in a FP-RLY-420 module. Not sure if it is a relay coil or drive circuit issue. I will try to repair later. I need to get this production test system back up and running. Anyone have a spare they would be willing to part with?



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Please disregard this message. I have located a couple of FP-RLY-420 modules.



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I see you have already found this part. If you need manuals or datasheets to help you at any point, we have them on our website. We stock legacy & mature NI hardware, so if you need any other FieldPoint modules, drop us an email!

The manuals and resources we have for the FP-RLY-420 can be found here: FP-RLY-420 National Instruments Relay Module for FieldPoint | Apex Waves

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