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Local variables don't work on Web Interface for FieldPoint

Need patch to fix this or a work around. I wish to click a boolean which then causes the execution of a true case structure after which the boolean goes to false again. Tried using local variable but this doesn't work.
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What you are seeing is related to the way that LabVIEW Real-Time works. A LabVIEW RT program should be programmed as if the front panel is not there. In an embedded LabVIEW RT program when you write to a local variable it does not update the front panel, since it is not there. There are two cases when the front panel is actually loaded, when using the default communication and when using remote front panels. To get the control or indicator to update when the front panel is loaded you will also need to use a property node. You write to the value property. To create the property node right-click on the control and choose Create>Property Node.
You will need both the local variable and the property node. When the front panel is not open, then the property no
de will generate an error since it has no front panel to write to.
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AND - update property is really slow, so you can't do it too often

(I know this is an old post, but I've read it and got a surprise )

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