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Labview with cfp -DO- 403



I have two small programs to test cfp - DO - 403 module in LabView.


The first programing,I get it from exmaple from NI. It work ok with this module.


The second programming, I create it with DO share, but i does not work, I don't see the error.


Please download and fix it help me.




Nguyen Van Hung

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I have the same issues with cfp - AO- 200


Please support me to fix it



Nguyen Van Hung


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Build an array of fieldpoint IO references.  Put the Fieldpoint write into a For Loop.  Auto index on the fieldpoint IO array and your data array to write a value to each IO point in turn.

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Hi Raven,


I work ok with Digital ouput but not ok with Analog output as your guide.



Nguyen Van Hung

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It should work equally well with both.


Post your code.

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Here is my code.


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I have never used the "All" channel, at least not for writing values out.  So  I don't know if there are any gotchas with that.


One thing I do notice is that for your first program, you are writing out an array of 8 elements.  But for the 2nd program, you are only writing out an array of 3 elements although it is an 8 channel device.  (Put a probe or indicator on that error wire to see if it says anything).


My suggestion was to create an array of the Fieldpoint I/O points and iterate through them in a loop.



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Hi Ravens,


This is good method.


Thanks for your support.


Best Regards,

Nguyen Van Hung

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