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Issues with connecting analogue output of sensor to cFP-AIO-600

I am trying to connect an external sensor (Baumer OXM200) to cFP-AIO-600. To do that I made the following connections:connections.jpg

The thicker brown and yellow wires are the external power source, the thinner blue and brown wire power the sensor. The green wire is the analogue output of the sensor. This should be connected to IN3.


One issue I have is that I do not know whether the analogue output of the sensor is given in current or voltage. However, I have tried both configuration (currently it is connected assuming it is in voltage).

When I go to MAX, the value of IN3 varies somewhat compared to the other inputs but it seems to be just noise and does not react with the sensor.



I don't know what is going wrong or where the problem lies exactly

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For this connection, you also need a COM connected to pin 24 for channel In 3. The V and C on the end of the terminal block are not connected to any of the other pins.

If you want to use the I out of the device, be sure to connect supply voltage to the corresponding Vsup and COM pins of the specific channel. The V and C on the terminal block will not power the cFP device.

Here is a link to the cFP-AIO-600 manual.


Hope this is helpful!


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Thank you for your reply.
Initially this is what I did, however the manual specifies that the terminal C and COM channels are internally connected, as are the terminal V and Vsup channels (p5 of the manual).

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Hello again, 

If you have not already found a solution to this issue, try checking the pins on the cFP backplane and the cFP-AIO-600. They can get bent or broken easily. You can test the inputs by connecting a known voltage from a power supply or USB to the channels, and verifying that they read correctly.

If the cFP device and the sensor are verified as working correctly, it may be the backplane or wiring that have a problem.


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