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Is there a way to simulate a fieldpoint module?

I am looking for a way to simulate a FieldPoint module such as the cFP-AIO-600. I do not have one on hand, but I would like to develop software that uses it. Is this possible?

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I'm not aware of anything.  The only simulated hardware I know about are the Simulated DAQmx devices in MAX.


Exactly what part of it do you want to simulate?


If you don't have the hardware yet, you might just need to create a subVI that has the same connector pane as a Fieldpoint Read or Write, but the code inside just sucks in the data if it is a FP Write, or simulates data (sinewave liket he simulated DAQmx?  something else?  Opens a front panel so you can key in your simulated datapoint) and outputs that out of the connector panel.


Once you get your real hardware, it should be easy enough to replace that subVI with the real FP Read or Write

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I think this is the way I will do it. Thanks for your help.

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