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Is it better to control a Vexta 2 phase stepper with digital output or pulse?

 I need to control four steppers individually at the same time. I have both cFP-PG-522 and cFP-DO-400. I was planning on using pulse but would like some insight.
Newbie here.
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Hi GCarter,

The PG-522 would be better for that application.  Here's what some other customers have used:

What kind of duty cycle do your pulses need to be?

Trey B
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hi Trey,


I am really not sure what the duty cycle needs to be. But the steppers are driving a peristaltic pump for precision metering. The rpm will vary between 3.75 rpm to 325 rpm, with a 50% torque capacity. Is that the same as duty cycle?




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Duty Cycle is the ratio of how long the signal is high versus low in a period.

For example, look at figure 6-24 and the text just above it.

Each stepper motor winding is energized one in every four input pulses. Consequently, the pulse train for each winding has a 25 percent duty cycle.

Trey B
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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I think we will be at a 50% duty cycle. We do have the motors running, as of today, but they stop when changing speeds. Any suggestions?
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