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Identifying channels on cFP AO 200

I have a cFP 1808 controller that I am configuring for a heat exchanger application. All the input and outputs are 4-20 mA current signals. I have added cFP AI 200 for receiving current signals from the heat exchanger unit and cFP AO 200 for sending current signals to the i/p (current to pneumatic) converter devices. I have 3 outputs, so I need to use 3 channels out of the available 8 channels of output in the AO 200. However, I am not able to understand, what constitutes channel 0 or 1 or 2 for that matter. Is the channel number decided by how I wire the outputs to the AO 200, i.e does each terminal 1-32 on the connector block have a channel assigned to it? 


In other words, if I want to send out a signal to i/p device 1, using FP write in LabVIEW, what channel should I use? How do I decide if it is one channel or the other? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Each channel of cFP-AO-200 has 4 terminals associated with it.  The channel you use is determined by the terminals you connect to.  See table 1 here.

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Thanks Wayne. I intend to send out a 4-20 mA range current signal through the AO 200. So if I were to select channel 1 and use terminals 4 and 19 would that work? Do the terminals have to be different if the output were voltage instead of current? 

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First, carefully read the paragraph directly following Table 1.  Then take a close look at Figures 4 & 5.

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