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I have to concentrate till 8 RS232 interfaces of electronic devices and to transmit these by radio( 2,4GHz) to a main point.

The network topology must by point-to-multipoint and addressed multi-drop to give the possibility to interrogate each electronic device.
The communication path, from the main computer to electronic device, must be transparent for the customer application.
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I looked at your description and topology and I think you can easily accomplish what you described there with a regular radio (it could be the one you mention) and multiple 485/232 converters.
This converters will convert to a single 232 port and even though you have multiple converters (as opposed to the multiple ports you described) you will still have the multi-point to single point architecture.

I can assure you that the FP-100x are not the best option for you in this case and unfortunatelly we at NI do not have a 485/232 converter to offer, but I am sure you can find them in the market for a very low price.

I hope it helps

Best Regards

Andre Oliveira
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