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How to use 2 FP-1601 Controllers in one application

How do I use two FP-1601 controllers at the same time in a labview application?  I need more than 9 modules, so I am forced to use two 1601 controllers.  When I open MAX, I am able to see the two controllers (each with separate 192.168.1.x addresses) in the Remote Systems, but I cannot view or change the values of the second controller in Data Neighborhood.
Also, when I attempt to read/write the second controller in Labview, I get an error 32812 stating "The specified tag name was not found".
Thanks for your help.
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This KnowledgeBase article may have the solution to your issue.
You should be able to use two 1601 controllers in the same fashion as you would use one. Simply use a FP or FP with an I/O Point assigned.  Of course, you will need to use a separate FP Read or Write VI for each module you want to sample from.
Let me know if this helps.
Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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