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How to reconnect cFP-1804 to network

Hi Joshua,


Thanks for the tip.  (I kind of figured that the answer to my questions were "no" based on the overwhelming response!  Smiley Wink )  Yes, I can confirm that the watchdog is disabled.  I haven't really ever had an application where I've needed the watchdog functionality on FieldPoint, but I read the KBs you referenced and that was helpful in clarifying some of the details of which I was unaware.


Even though the watchdog timer is disabled, and assuming this is related to the watchdog settings, would a watchdog timeout cause the link lights to go dark?  It's almost like the NIC becomes disabled - I can't ping the module anymore and the IP is unreachable until hit the reset button.


It sounds like there isn't really a conventional remedy for this, as the previous discussion alluded to, but I'd love to know if one has been introduced since that time.


Thanks again for your help!



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