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How to read USER1 DIP-switch status of a cRIO chassis from FPGA?

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How can I  read the status of the DIP switches on a cRio chassis from the FPGA?


I am working with a  cRIO 9022.. My idea is to set the system into a "service" mode by setting the USER1 switch to ON and communicate with the FPGA via the FPGA-GUI(VI) on the host computer instead via the RT module which is used under normal conditions.


Any ideas? Unfortunately, I do not have an unused channel left ...and (as far as I know) can't use the RS232 from the FPGA.


Many thanks in advance,




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To the best of my knowledge, FPGA has no direct way to read the User1 DIP switch.  Would need to read the switch in the cRIO Host program and pass the value to the FPGA.

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Hi, this is the correct information. You cannot read from the FPGA the DIP switch status. The only thing you could do is to use the Read function located under Functions -> Real Time -> RT utilities  palette


This is how you probably know only for the RT Host side and not the FPGA.


Regards Anoj

Anoj Mubarak
National Instruments
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Thank's a lot for the reply - even though I don't like the answer ... It would be nice if NI would implement such a feature ...



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