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How to measure DC motor inrush - FP2010

I want to log to file the in-rush of a DC motor using my FP2010. I would to run it for at least 30 sec. then off 10 seconds for 20 times. I want to log as fast as I can after a trigger level of 5Amps. I need to capture peak inrush amps. then only log for every 5 ms so I don't use up too much memory and get too much data logged. I can log data but not very consistently but am fairly new to Labview and RT modules. Any help would be appreciated.
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The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the FieldPoint controller does not have hardware trigger capability, so you would have to keep reading the data (5 Amps) and constantly comparing to the threshold in order to trigger the acquistion. I am not sure how you are measuring 5 Amps with fieldPoint but you probably have some additional sensor.

Now the way I would do it I would have a FP monitoring the channel and in the output I would compare the value to a threshold and the result of this comparison would feed a Case structure... In the true case I would place a while loop to reapeat the read operation 20 Times... this loop can have inside a Sequence structure where you read the channel and after that wait for 10 seconds.

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