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How to configure cFP-2120 to talk to GPIB-ENET card


I would like to configure cFP-2120 to allow remote automatic configuration (from VI on cFP-2120) and control of GPIB device (Agilent 6651 Power Supply) via GPIB/ENET card. The VI works fine on a host computer with preinstalled LabView 8.6 Development Suite, however problems start while the same VI is deployed and started on cFP-2120.


I have been trying to find any information about above topic on website, but it's seems for me that's a new and an unusual problem. Does anybody has a chance to develop a fully functional VI or can help to solve the problem?




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Hi Martin,


There is no official support for the ENET-GPIB controller on RT OS. However there is a way to do it. For detailed informations about this contact your local NI Support  or Sales Representative.



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