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How do you download a higher version of Labview real time into cFP-2200 when not shown in MAX?

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I can not seem to figure out what I need. My cFP-2200 has a version of Labview RT 8.5.1 and fieldpoint 6.0.1.

I need to have at least Labview RT 10.0 and fieldpoint 6.0.7 because I am doing Ethernet IP. I am sure anything newer than this will work as well.


As far as I know, I have downloaded fieldpoint 6.0.12 and I have Labview RT module 10. What am I missing to update software on the cFP-2200 through MAX?

I can not find any other software in the Real Time software wizard other than what is currently installed.






Software shown in MAX:




Any help is appreciated!


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Wow, Fieldpoint 6.0.1 was released in 2008 - that was in the LabVIEW 8.5.1 / 8.6 timeframe.  If you want to use LabVIEW 2010RT, you really need to upgrade.


Try downloading and using Fieldpoint 6.0.11 :


LabVIEW Real-Time doesn't "natively" ship with Fieldpoint or cRIO support, those come in as part of the RIO or Fieldpoint support modules (so that newer versions of RIO or Fieldpoint update your support).  


Give that a shot!


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Yeah we do systems for power plants and they like to sit on our finished systems for a while in some case. This is exactly what I needed.

Thank you very much for your support!

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I'm also in a similar kind of situation. Trying to install real-time 8.5.1. Currently having 8.2.1. Where can i get the newer version from? Can i install it from the developer suite CD? I'm using a FP 2010 Ethernet controller. I'm trying to install remote configuration software on to the controller for changing the time in the FP 2010.




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