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How do you control a voltage input using the cFP-180x

I'm using a cFP-180x with the A0-210 modules I believe and I am trying to hook up a damper actuator to the cFP-180x.  I hooked it up to channel 0 and using LabView, I put a control nob into a VI with the analog channel 0 from the DAQ and I can see the voltage changing in MAX based off turning the nob.  The damper actuator rotates based off the voltage input; it rotates CW with a low voltage input and CCW with a high voltage input (with a range of 0 - 10 V); however, after writing the LabView program, I can only get the actuator to rotate in one direction no matter what the voltage input is, and when I turn the voltage input down to zero, it stops moving.  Is this because I'm controlling the voltage input incorrectly? How exactly would you write a VI to create a controlled/adjustable voltage input.


-SHS Project Team

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Are you trying to control the voltage from LabVIEW or with your "knob"?  What is this know?  Is it a potentiometer?  What is the damper actuator?  Do you have a link to a manual for it?


Please post your VI.

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Yes I'm trying to control the voltage input using LabView.  The "knob" I referred to is the control I used in the VI, i.e., the virtual knob.  A damper actuator is basically a simple motor that rotates a shaft.  I posted the link to a manual for it, although, it isn't exactly the one I have, which contains the wiring diagram, etc.


-SHS Project Team

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I had a look to the data sheet and noticed a comment within the spec table: Factory Settin: DC 0...10V, CW rotation with signal increase. Could it be that you have to enable the CCW reverse rotation feature somehow?



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Well, the only way to enable to CCW rotation (that I know of) is a switch within the circuit board of the damper actuator.  If I switch the mode to CCW rotation, it will rotate CCW; however, I wanted to be able to control the rotation (making it rotate both CW and CCW based on the voltage input).  The manual I have for the damper actuator says when it is in CW mode, a low voltage input rotates it CW and a high voltage input rotates it CCW and if the damper actuator is put on CCW mode, it is the opposite.


-SHS Project Team

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SHS Team,


First you need to verify what voltages make the actuator rotate in certain directions.  You can manually enter values through Measurement and Automation Explorer. 

Open Measurement and Automation Explorer

Find the cFP module you are using under My System»Data Neighborhood»FieldPoint Items.

Select the channel you want to output on.

Click the Write button.


From here you can output values manually to your AO-210 module.  When you know what values make your device behave the way you want it too, then you can work on the LabVIEW code.



Jon S.
National Instruments
LabVIEW NXG Product Owner
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