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How do I connect a pump to fieldpoint?

Hi, I'm trying to control a pump through fieldpoint using Labview. The pump uses an "FMI Stroke Rate Controller" that has a 4-20mA input to regulate the flow. The 4-20mA input has a positive and negative terminal but I don't know how to actually connect this into my cFP-AO-200 module. I'm aware that each channel has an output terminal, a common terminal (COM), and a supply terminal (Vsup) but which wires are suppose to connect with what? Can anyone please help me with connecting it?
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You will need to wire an external power supply to the V & C terminals of the cFP-AO-200. The power supply positive should be wired to V and the negative to C. The power supply should be between 5 and 30 VDC. The input impedance of the pump will determine the minimum voltage that the power supply must be. The formula is Vmin=3+0.021*Resistance.

The 4-20mA positive pump input should be wired to the Iout terminal of the cFP-AO-200. The 4-20mA negative pump input should be wired to one of the COM lines of the cFP-AO-200.

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One question though. The stroke rate controller that I am using (the device with the 4-20mA input) has a 110 V (50/60 Hz) input that can be plugged into an outlet so that it can run manually. So does that still mean I will need to wire an external power supply or should I somehow manipulate that 110 V input?

Thanks, Hung
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Nevermind Aaron, I did use an external power supply and followed your wiring instructions and everything's working beautifully. Thank you!
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