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How can I connect a FP-1601 on a routable LAN to labview on the WAN?

I have a  FP-1601 and cFP-1808 ethernet modules.  I would like to install these on our LAN.  This LAN is routable to the WAN.  The computers with Labview and the developed application sit on the WAN.  When I change the FP devices to the WAN and give them static 192 addresses the labview computers on the WAN can no longer see them or discover them.  Is this something in the protocols used by the FP devices that will not allow them to be routed through to the WAN?  Can you give me an idea of how to set these up to move the devices to the LAN from the WAN?
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Lamar, try this:

On the development PC, open up Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) by going to program files>>National Instruments>>Measurement & Automation.  Right click on Remote Systems and select create new.  In the popup window, select Remote Device (not on the local subnet).

When you hit next, you will be able to enter in the static IP address of the Fieldpoint device.
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Will I need to connect the development computer to the subnet of the LAN first and define the module there with a static address or should MAX "discover" the device and set the address as the static address that I give at that point?
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Both the FP and the PC must be on the same subnet to be able to configure the device.

Our FP-1601 manual dicusses this on page 22.

In order to configure the FP-1601, it must reside on the same subnet as your
host PC. If you want to use the FP-1601 on a subnet other than the one your
host PC is on, first connect and configure it on the same subnet as the host
PC, then reassign a static IP address for the subnet where you want it to be
and physically move it to the other subnet. Contact your network
administrator if you need assistance configuring the host PC and FP-1601
on the same subnet.

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