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Having trouble hooking up two FP-1601s to one Labview program

I have a Labview program that requires two different rows of Fieldpoints.  I have the first FP-1601 with an IP address of 192-168-0-1 as a stand alone device.  I have hooked the 1601 along with the rest of my modules and have been able to run them successfully and assign them to my different Labview VIs.  Now I am trying to install my second row of fieldpoints and be able to assign them in my VI.  I just got a internet hub to connect both rows to my laptop.  I can't seem to get MAX or my computer to recognize the second FP-1601.  I am not sure what IP address to use or where I would find out how or if there is something I have to do in MAX that I am not quite seeing.  Thank you for your help.
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Hi Manda,

Is there any chance that his FP-1601 has been configured before on another subnet or network?  If that is the case, you should be able to just reset the IP address of the unit and it should show up in MAX as  Then from there you can configure it to the a different IP address.  How to reset the IP address of the FP-1601 is found in the FP-1601 user manual on page B-1.  I hope this helps out.

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