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Fieldpoint LabWindows CVI


I have a compact field point cFP-2120. The field point is connected to the network and is approachable from NI-MAX (version 15.3). All the fieldpoint items are approachable from the Data Neighborhood and the settings are saved in the myfieldpoint.iak. I can correctly read and set all the settings in the data neighborhood.


I want to control the fieldpoint from a labwindows CVI c program (Labwindows CVI 2015). As a first test I run the Fieldpoint example project (installed by fieldpoint installer): FRAI Read Cache Example. The code compiles fine but the program gets an error on the following line, trying to connect to the fieldpoint:


status = FP_Open (NULL, &FP_handle));

I also tested

status = FP_Open ("myfieldpoint.iak", &FP_handle));




static IAHandle FP_handle;

IAStatus status = IA_SUCCESS;


I get the status: status = 33922; If I now ask for the error message: FP_ErrorMsg (FP_handle, status, message); I do not get an empty error message. Probably since FP_handle = 0 ?


Can you help ?





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