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Fieldpoint-2010 not found, some IP problem ?

I try little say what is what I know. I'm automation student in Finland and I should connect MetsoDNA PC-operator and Fieldpoint-2010 together. I'm doing my graduation work and I have big problem what I donät understand.


We have old system where is LAbview (version 6 or something about year 2002) and that is connect in Fieldpoint. Everything work nice and no problem. Now I should chance to Metsodna in place of labview. And that is problem, because Metso is plugging to Cisco 2950 switch and there should come ethernet connect to fieldpoint. Old labview IP connect is and subnet, defaultgateway DNS server Thats work nice and I chance my own computer IP for that and everything work. But when I chance my computer in Metso IP address nothing works. IP is and subnet same what Labview, Gateway DNS


So I see that problem is DNS is last numbers different  chance 20 to 100 and gateway is different. 


But how I get to fieldpoint give connection to these address? 


That is only the first and biggest problem. Then I should made OPC connect to that, but one step in time. If I could made that connect to work I have lot of easier to take next step.


Best regards

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Hi Charlie,


I recommend looking over the documentation, pages 2-11 through 2-12 and 3-1 through 3-11. You can set a static IP on the Fieldpoint that will be in the same subnet for the new network.


Best Regards,


Andrew T.
"His job is to shed light, and not to master" - Robert Hunter
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