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FieldPoint cFP-1601 and MAX5.6 configuration

Dear All,


I would like to share a way to configure the cFP-1601 Ethernet using the MAX 5.6 that doesn't anymore supports this device. The solution is an workaround on the compatibility problem for MAX 5.6 support.


We had upgraded to Windows 7 and we had to upgrade also the MAX from 4.1 to 5.6.

The main problem is that our Field Point FP-TC-120 lost the temperature range configuration and we could only read voltages. Even opening the file *.iak the temperature reading doesn't come back.


Screen Shot of the readings:



1- First to be sure that the device is connected and is able to be pinged on the static IP defined for cFP-1601 interface

2- Remove any Remote System devices (if available anyone that appears disconnected)


3- Add a new device:



4- Place the IP address from cFP-1601 interface. On this example it is



5- The following messages appears. Select Yes to create the Offline device.




6- Select the cFP-2000 device and create the termocouples banks




7- Select the cFP-2000 on Remote System. An error message will appear.





8- Make Hardware Reboot, clicking on Reboot button on top right menu. Even the device is disconnected, the Reboot command someway works.




9- Remove the Remote System hardware again.


10- Add again the new hardware on Remote System (repeat steps 3 and 4).


11- Take care to not delay too much between the hardware removal and to add a new one.


12- When typing the IP address uses the "space" key to enter the numbers if below 3 digits. Maybe correcting the IP fails the next step. If it happens try again since the beggining.


13- Here is the great difference: It creates automatically the cFP-1601 banks into Remote System on MAX 5.6.



14- Then now it is able to setup the Thermocouples ranges and type as desired for each Channel, selecting the Channel Configuration Tab.




15- Now click on Apply button to save changes:


16- Repeat the step 14 for all the banks.


17 - After you can save the changes on *.iak file, but it is not well done. However it works. After reading again the *.iak file, it will not appears the cFP-1601 at Remote System. It is necessary to repeat all the procedure to access it again for channels configuration.




I hope it somehow help someone to use the cFP-1601 on Windows 7 with MAX 5.6. Maybe it can work on MAX 5.5


Best Regards!



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