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FieldPoint NI FP-1000

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I need to buy a FieldPoint NI FP-1000. (Part NO: 184120D-01, serial NO: B80CD6.)


Thank you!



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Okay.  That's good for you.  What do you want the readers of the discussion forums to do about it?


Is there a question?


Did you look for the part on

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The truth is that I have one but  due to the inverse connection of the power supply the module was crash. Anyway I thought that there is someone who wants to sell a used one.


Thank you.

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Accepted by topic author Rodi

Okay. Now your post makes sense.


If you get no response here, you could try ebay.  I saw one supplier listed.


Of course there is a risk going that route as well.

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Hi Rodi,


Since this is an NI forum I can't help but post where you can buy online from

Have you contacted our Returns Department? They might be able to repair your FP 1000. Take a look at this page or call (800) 531-5066


Joshua B.
National Instruments
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