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Field point readings of -70 instead of ambient

I am using MAX to look at my K and J thermocouples.  I have them set up in calibration as thermocouples.  Some come up as 'open sensor', the three that do come up are reading -70 degrees.  What is wrong here?
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What Fieldpoint modules are the TC's connected to? Can you post a screen shot of your setup in MAX?
Have you wired the TC's to the block with the correct polarity? For both K an J types, the red lead is typically negative (-).
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Tech support just called me before your response.  It seems my tech may have not checked polarity.  It does make sense that the ambient temp would be approx. 70 degrees.  What threw me, was as the day went on and it got hotter, the temp went down to -50.  Well, if the polarity is reversed, that makes sense.  I am changing the polarity of all the sensors now.
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