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FP6.0.5 deploy error

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Hi, guys, I have a new problem here.

I reinstall labview2009 and max4.6. This solved all the compatibility question. But when I build and deploy my webservice, it fails. It said:


Calculating dependencies...
Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...
Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...
Deploying LV9 DODSpare.lvproj
Deploying cFP-2220 @0(successfully deployed settings)
Deploying FP Target(successfully deployed target settings)
Deploying My Web Service
Web Services Deployment Failed
Deployment completed with errors


I have double checked the tool->optiion->web service, it is enabled. But I just cannot deploy.


Does anyone know how I can fix this?


By the way, both the host computer and the fieldpoint device is using the 6.0.5driver.


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Accepted by topic author baal

Hi baal,


This KnowledgeBase article is probably a good place to start.  It also includes a section about deploying to a real-time target.

Jayme W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you.

That solve my problem.

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Hi Jayme,


Actually, the article you gave me doesn't help. I restarted my computer and the FP system yesterday, It somehow fixed the problem.

But today, same problem happens again. No matter how many times I reboot the system. It still doesn't work.

Do you have any idea what happens?




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