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FP1601 connectivity issue, error message: 33162



I am currently having problem connecting to my FP1601 ethernet interface from the host computer. Here is a little bit of background:


There were two ethernet cards on my host computer and the cross over cable connecting to FP1601 was plugged into the mainboard integrated one. We started to get error message 33162 sometime last week but with some plugging and unplug we got it going. The port stop working yesterday and we had no choice but to change the cable to the external cards port. We reconfigured the TCP/IP setting to the correct IP address of FP 1601. Then the Labview stop working and the error message 33162 stays. 


In the Automation Explorer, we were able to connect to the modulus on and off: sometimes it was connected and sometimes not. Having tried to Ping the modulus, I have had Request timed out between 25% to 50% loss. My next step is to change the crossover cable. After that I am running out of the ideas. Is there anything else I missed? 

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