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FP-1001 Firmware Update Won't Take

Hey all, I am trying to update the firmware on a FP-1001 and can't get the update to stick. The module (as shown by MAX) is running firmware 0020 and I want to update it to 0030. After I run the fpupdate.exe and download the firmware to the module, I power-cycle the module and in MAX it is still showing 0020. I have one other FP-1001 also connected and it updates fine. The FP-1001s are at different addresses (0 and 10, respectively .. 10 is the one I can't update). Is there a special trick to updating more than one network module when they are both connected? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Howdy Tritone,


I definitely recommend isolating the FieldPoint and the host computer from the rest of your system while performing the firmware update.  For more information, check out this article about updating the FP and post back if you are still running into problems.  Have a great day!


Chris G in AE
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