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Error 33161 in Configure


I'm developing an application in which it's required to configure dinamically some cFieldpoint modules. The hardware list is the following:


- 1 controller cFP-2220
- 1 backplane cFP-BP-8
- 1 module cFP-RTD-122 in slot 0
- 1 module cFP-AI-110 in slot 1
- 3 modules cFP-TC-125 in slots 2 to 4
- 1 module cFP-AO-210 in slot 5
- 1 module cFP-DO-410 in slot 6


To perform the dynamic configuration, I'm trying to uso the VIs Configure and Configure from the Fieldpoint Ethernet Advanced pallete. The problem is that each time I try to execute this VIs I get an error message with the following information:


Error 33161 ocurred at The write operation failed to change the value.

Possible reason(s):

Fieldpoint: The write operation failed to change the value on the Fieldpoint bank. The connection may be broken.


I've attached an screenshot of the VI that I'm using for testing. It's very simple. I've double checked that the network connection is OK. I can detect, monitor and configure the modules using MAX. The IP address is also correct. To discard firewall issues, I disabled it, but the error persists.


Example Configure Range.png


I'm using LabVIEW 2009 9.0 32 bits on Windows XP, and my Fieldpoint version is 6.0.5


What may be causing this problem?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.



Robst - CLD

Using LabVIEW since version 7.0

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Try using module address #1.  First module after network/controller module is address #1.

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