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Data Acquisition from cFP-2120 to Simulink

Hi Everyone,

   I have a cFP-2120 that I want to use to monitor parameters from a small turbojet engine I'm making. I need to monitor this data using Simulink, but I'm not sure how to do this. The most promising lead I have is to use an OPC server and the Industrial Communications toolbox, but I want to get feedback before I start spending trying to implement that. I only want to read data from the cFP-2120 and don't necessarily need to send data/commands back to the cFP-2120. 


1. Do you know if using an OPC server and Industrial Communication Toolbox is the right way to go?




2. What other methods would be appropriate for this application?




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For your specific application where you only need to read data from the cFP-2120, the OPC UA protocol is suitable because it can provide a secure connection to OPC UA servers using various security modes, encryption algorithms, and user authentication methods. Moreover, the toolbox includes Simulink blocks that can be used for online supervisory control and hardware-in-the-loop controller testing, which could be beneficial for your project. 

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