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DAQ Solution Wizard doesn't recognize any configured DAQ hardware

FieldPoint FP1000/FP-AI-100 attached to three force transducers.  MAX reports voltages.  Have VI written by colleague who left company.  That VI recognizes the FP and will record data.   Would like to use from the solutions gallery "Advanced Data Logger'  VI.   DAQ solution wizard reports 'no DAQ hardware currently configured.  Is the FP res not a DAQ device?  How do I get the DAQ solution wizard to recognize my FieldPoint module?  In MAX, FieldPoint module is listed under 'Data Neighborhood', tried to create Virtual Channel in MAX which connects to FP, no luck. 

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First, I have never heard of the "DAQ Solution Wizard".  What is that and where did you find it?  Also, what is the "solutions gallery"?


Fieldpoint is NOT a DAQ device.  Fieldpoint is a remote controller and/or remote I/O points.  They have their own drivers for communication.  You'll find VI's for that under Measurement I/O >> Fieldpoint on the block diagram palette.


DAQ devices would be things like PCI cards, probably USB devices as well.  Anything that would would be used in conjunction with DAQmx drivers (or the traditional DAQ drivers.)

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Using version 6.0 (OK, this stuff has been sitting here for awhile), starting LabView, presented with options 'New VI', 'Open VI', choosing "DAQ solutions', two windows pop up.  The inactive window is labeled 'Welcome to the DAQ solution wizard!'  The active window is labeled "DAQ Hardware is Configuration Required' and given option to exit,  'Go to NI-DAQ Config Utility', or 'Continue with no DAQ devices.'  Choosing the last option, makes the Welcome window active, given only the option 'program the input scaling and conversion myself', which leads to the 'Step 2 of 3' of the Solution Wizard, with options of 'Solutions Gallery (Recommended)' or 'Custom DAQ Applications.'  This is where some generic VIs are given for various applications.  The hoped for answer here is that the 'Advanced Data Logger' (one of the generic VIs) would interact with the FP hardware just by using the wizard.  I think one approach is to create a virtual channel in MAX that interacts with the FP hardware and is recognized as a DAQ channel.  No luck with that.  Next approach is to modify ADL VI to see and scale the FP inputs.  New to LabView so approach has the larger learning curve.

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The only way that you could possibly modify DAQ code to be FP code is to completely delete the DAQ portion of the code and program from scratch for FP.


Are you connected to your FieldPoint through an ethernet cable or through serial?  You should not need to put so much effort to "creating those viritual channels".  If you see your FieldPoint device under Remote Systems in MAX, then you just need to make sure that you right-click and select Find Devices, to make sure that you can see all of your FieldPoint channels.  Then you just need to use the function FP Read to read from those channels.

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