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Coupling an HMI to a Compact FieldPoint System


I'd like to know what is the best way to include an HMI interface to a Compact FieldPoint PAC. I know it has a VGA port so I can plug it a display to show an user interface, right?  I haven't worked with them before and I'm not sure if the handling of the User Interface will interrupt the code running in the PAC. Are there any other alternatives? Which is the best way of doing it?

I want to obtain a system that works like Allen Bradley's PanelVIEWs but using Compact FieldPoint.

Thanks in advance!


Robst - CLD

Using LabVIEW since version 7.0

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Hi Robst.,

You may want to take a look at the TPC-2006.  The TPC-2006 is an industrial touch panel computer that can be used as a HMI for headless PACs such as the Compact FieldPoint units.  Our FieldPoint controllers don't actually connect via VGA, but one way these HMIs can interact with the cFP controllers is via TCP/IP.  The following Developer Zone article discusses the TPC-2006 and how it can be used with our FieldPoint products in detail: .  I hope this helps!

Thaison V
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a lot at it. I was almost sure that I could connect any display to any cFieldPoint controller. Thanks again!!


Robst - CLD

Using LabVIEW since version 7.0

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We have hooked HMI displays from Xycom (Pro-Face) and QSI with cFP -- both via TCP/IP.  The QSI has a proprietary command set, and the Xycom one actually supports Modbus protocol. 



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Hi Khalid! We've seen that a couple of years ago you connected an HMI from Pro-Face to an application running on a NI Compact Fieldpoint. We've just bought one HMI and we'de like to know how to make data exchange, via TCP modbus, between the HMI and and a LabVIEW application. The LV application runs on a PC.


Can you help us?


We're using LV 8.5.1. Developper Suite, and HMI is LT3300.


Thank you!

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