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Could I acquire a wiring schematic of the circuit for FP-RTD-122 module?

I am trying to understand the internal nature of the FP-RTD-122 3-wire module.  My application consists of using several RTD's in series, and I am trying to adapt this module for the application.  I need to understand information of how the module pulses a current from channel to channel, internal impedance, and related information to see if this is a feasible approach. 


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Could you tell me a little more about your application. The RTD modules are only meant to have one RTD hooked up to a particular channel. Here is the documentation that we have on that module. Perhaps the specifications section can answer some of your questions.

Rick Kuhlman
Applications Engineer
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Here is that link

Rick Kuhlman
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Due to the limited number of connectors into my system, I thought that I could wire multiple RTD's (resisters) in series.  I would allow the one channel to pulse the current and the remainder channels to accurately read the voltage across each RTD (resister).  This would eliminate a lead wire per RTD allowing me to have more RTD's with a limited number of connectors without compromising to a two wire RTD.  I don't know if this is possible, but if I could obtain a wiring schematic or talk to someone who knows how the module operates internally I would determine if that is an approach worth taking.

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